Never Have I Ever… Seen such inclusivity in a teen dramedy

Netflix’s original series Never Have I Ever by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher is the coming of age dramedy I wish had growing up. Sure, I had shows like Degrassi and My So Called Life, but both lacked the cultural diversity of this modern tale. With the perfect combination of smarts, sensibility, sass, and realism, Never Have I Ever is exactly the kind of story we need in 2020.

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The Women of Vida

Tanya Saracho’s Vida is a celebration of authentic, and modern Latinx culture. Vida ‘s narrative and representation is essential in shaping the understanding of the complexities of the Latinx culture in the U.S. Moreover, for the Latinx community, it is a chance to see themselves, and to have conversations that were once considered taboo.Let us … Continue reading The Women of Vida