#Feministtv 2018

This year, I’ve been excited to see many more women lead television programming (even Netflix has a category for it) but as a media critic, I can’t justify the addition of these shows or characters, when they are hindering the story or not contributing any sense of female empowerment. I hope one day we wouldn’t need a special category on Netflix, but until then, here are the folks who have created fantastic women characters and others that have failed in their attempt.

Women’s Work in The Handmaid’s Tale

Season 2 episode 8 is the culmination of what the series has been about all this time. While Fred is away at the hospital, the house full of women get to work. Particularly the unlikely allies Serena Joy and June. Serena Joy, a former architect of Gilead and an outspoken leader in her community, pairs well with the writer/editor June.