The Half of It: More than just a Love Story

The inner turmoil to leave, to explore, to take advantage of the opportunities in the U.S. (the reason why our parents come here in the first place) and the responsibilities to stay behind, care for our relatives, look after their homes, and even the family business, it’s one we young immigrants and first-generation, know all too well.

The Intersectional Feminism of Sense8

Okay, alright, by now you’re tired of everyone’s #renewsense8 rants but hear me out. The creators are transgender sisters, Lana and Lili Wachowski, the duo behind The Matrix, and the show features four women of color as their leads and they are all bad ass, smart women. What’s not to love? I wish I could see more characters like these on television, especially WOC in positions of power. These ladies have bigger problems than finding the perfect dress, shoes or guy.

Do I wish they had more WOC? Do I wish one of them was played by an afro-latina? Do I wish there was one cluster exclusively made up of WOC? YES, YES, YES!

But until then, here are my favorite intersectional feminist ladies of Sense8. These characters seem ideal pieces in a liberal agenda but their love, their family issues, their fears, and self-doubt make them real and total achievable #feminstgoals